Pulse: Heartbeat of Macon is a new type of 501c3 nonprofit organization. We were founded to provide a grassroots foundation and support for new and budding artists and arts groups so that they can focus on making art rather than on bureaucracy and red tape. Pulse partners currently include: Peach Place, Veterans Voices, Layaway Santas, and Connections Macon; we welcome more partners to our collective. As a collective, Pulse shepherds the expertise and experience of the group for the good of all, sharing audiences, allowing Pulse to serve as fiscal sponsor for its partners, and to access grant and sponsorship opportunities well beyond the scope of any single Pulse partner group. Pulse also plans to provide seed grants to help new arts groups get started. Pulse is all-volunteer, and we take no money for serving our arts partners – instead, Pulse raises a small amount of money each year to cover the fees and expenses of running a nonprofit.