Eryn Lee, Media

Eryn Lee is a 2020 graduate of Mercer University. She majored in both Journalism and Creative Writing due to her love for telling stories, whether they be fictional or reality. She previously interned at Storytellers before joining as a board member. After graduating, Eryn began working as a production assistant at the Macon-based news station WGXA. When she is not at the station or working with Storytellers, she also enjoys photography and writing short stories and poetry.

“What I love about Storytellers is meeting all the fascinating people in attendance. Storytellers attracts such a dynamic group of people and it is amazing to hear all their stories, whether they be sad, funny, entertaining, inspirational—or all of the above.”

Quirky story: “When I was in third grade, my friends and I were obsessed with the Harry Potter Series. We decided to form a band called the ‘Harry-ettes’, where we composed and sang original songs all related to and inspired by Harry Potter. We spent an entire Saturday afternoon recording an album and yes, it was terrible.”