George Cauble, Treasurer

George Cauble was born and raised in Acworth, Ga. and relocated to Macon in August 1991. He will soon be starting his 39th year in the income tax business (H&R Block). This young man has six grandchildren and three (soon to be four) great-grand children.

“What I love about Storytellers is that … everyone has a story to tell, and Storytellers allows people to tell that story in a free, uncensored and supportive way. Witnessing other participants has allowed me to see how so many people from so many diverse backgrounds have many of the same hopes, fears and dreams. “

Quirky story: “I think my first night at Storytellers is a little quirky. I read to everyone for at least 15 minutes straight! And Koryn still accepted me. I think that says something about our leadership!”