Kevin Bradley, Secretary

Kevin is a Macon native.  He attended Mercer University and has a BA in English and Communications.  He is a 1995 graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law.  He has practiced family law and criminal defense in Macon since 1996.  He is presently the Special Assistant Attorney General for the Macon office of the Division of Child Support Services.

“I love Storytelling because it is devoted to preserving the art that is probably the oldest of the arts and one that is integral to who we are as a species – the art of oral storytelling.”

Quirky story: “The universe, for unknown reasons, decided long ago to punish one of my best friends for drinking Killian’s Red and tequila. Anytime he drinks both of those, he, one of the most peaceful people in the world, will end up in a fight. He never starts it, and it often doesn’t really involve him, but someone’s gonna take a swing at him. I have been present so many times when it has happened – and there is always Killian’s and tequila.”