Koryn Young, Executive Director

Koryn Young is the Executive Director of Storytellers Macon. Her passion for storytelling started at the young age of 2 when she realized that words matter. She is still learning the fine art, but will take any opportunity to speak in front of a group with a microphone.

Originally from San Dimas, CA, she moved to Staten Island, NY and chilled out there for a bit while she became an adult. Finding her grown up home in Macon, GA brought her a sense of community where she took leadership roles with the Magnolia Soap Box Derby, Bragg Jam Concert Crawl, Developed the Men of Intown Macon Calendar, is a 2012 Leadership Macon alum and continues to volunteer with many local events, simply because they are cool.

When she is not planning events or hosting with Storytellers Macon, you can find her as the Engagement Coordinator of Bike Walk Macon, porch sitting with friends and neighbors, hanging with her main man, Nathan, or chilling with her best dog and gal pal, Matilda.

Quirky story: “There she was at the grocery, scanning all the options for pasta. Her favorite, linguine, came in 4 different brands. She was reading the contents and ingredients to make an informed decision on what one she would chose. She suddenly feels a person reaching over her head; at 4’9″, this is not the first time it’s happened. An entire aisle completely empty, but this person needs angel hair pasta right now. In one swift move, she captures his arm as it hovers over her head to grab a box of rigatoni. He gasps as she pulls him over her shoulder and slams him hard into the pasta section. As he lands on his back, she walks away satisfied that she defended her air space.”