Mariah Gandy, Resource Development

Mariah is a Louisiana girl living as a Georgia peach since 2016. Although she has been a resident of Macon, Ga. since 2016, it wasn’t until the pandemic of 2020 that she and her husband began to really immerse themselves into the Macon, Ga. community. She has dabbled in storytelling by way of creative writing. She is on the StoryTellers Macon Board as a member of the Resource Development team.

When she’s not working hard as founder of Will and Work, a Comprehensive Creative Company; Jill of All Trades; Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistant, Product/Brand Photographer and Children’s Director at New City East Side; Campus Liaison with Caring Solutions and more, she’s most likely hanging out with her Teddyies (hubby Teddye and daughter Teddie), sunning outside with her two fur babies, or downtown grabbing lunch or coffee with a friend or two!