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The Heartbeat of Georgia #1: Music Makes Macon Magic

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Heartbeat of Georgia. Go ahead and relax. Imagine century old homes with gingerbread trim and heart pine floors. Some of them are falling apart. Biscuit sandwiches with pimento cheese. Served in a no-frills dining room with linoleum floors and hard plastic chairs. A square named after Rosa Parks in direct sight of a tribute to Confederate women. Yoshino cherry trees and azaleas everywhere. A humid July where five minutes outside makes your shirt stick to your back.

Feel the rhythm. This podcast aims to deconstruct Macon magic through the voices of the people who’ve been here. We gathered these tall tales from Storytellers Macon, a grassroots organization that started with bonfire circles and grew to monthly narrative shows at a bar that has a mythos all its own, Grant’s Lounge. We recorded a blend of the best of what Storytellers has heard over the years with new voices scraped from every neighborhood and group we could think to ask, and presented all them live on stage in a partnership with The Grand Opera House, a historic theatre downtown that is currently the performing arts presenter of Mercer University.

Speaking of Grant’s Lounge, we decided to start this first episode with two stories of the music scene here – arguably the backbone of our local heritage. These stories were both pulled from our Macon Magic event at The Grand on September 26th, 2020. We echo Ed Grant when he argues Macon is and has been a “music jubilee.”

The storytellers featured on this episode are Molly Wilkins with “Bragg Jam 2015” and Edward Grant with “This is What 50 Looks Like.”

The show is hosted by Julia Rubens and Koryn Young, who also direct the limited series live show at The Grand Opera House. We hope to have about 15 episodes for you in time, released every other week, and feature close to 40 different storytellers from Middle Georgia.

Our next live show at The Grand Opera House is January 16th and the theme is “Nefarious.” Buy tickets here:

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