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The Heartbeat of Georgia #3: Hope is the Thing

“With hope, you find love. With hope, you have dignity. With hope, you are royalty. Just like our dear Lady Gaga, I am royalty, and so are each of you.” So Angie Coggins told our live audience in describing navigating her relationship with family while staying true to herself. Meanwhile, Angel Colquitt embraces the bravery of uncertainty, asking their best friend, their lovers, and their inner monologue: “Can’t you see? Can’t you see how you’re making me feel?” Embracing oneself is an act of creation. These stories from our November event “Kings and Queens” explores building oneself up from the inside out and how even at the most vulnerable of times, the fragile ingredient of hope stubbornly keeps the spirit going.

The Heartbeat of Georgia is hosted by Koryn Young and Julia Rubens and episodes are produced by Storytellers Macon based off of the limited stage series in partnership with The Grand Opera House. You can attend our next live show on March 20th by clicking here for tickets:

In the photo: “Queen Angie” has fans from Macon Pickleball who bring a poster celebrating her to the live performance.


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