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The Heartbeat of Georgia #5: Buttermilk Biscuits and Debutante Balls

When you move on to a new phase or stage of life, you don’t forget your past. The storytellers in today’s episodes have a legacy and roots that go back generations and define who they are in Macon. DeMarcus Beckham is well known today for his work as an activist for LGBTQ+ and civil rights, but his grandmother Esther Mae taught him who he is in Zebulon, Georgia between baking and humming spirituals. And Erin Keller is a noted champion of both Macon and Mercer University – so much so, you’d think it comes naturally. But she actually hails from Louisiana, with family that very much wanted her to stay in the Big Easy when she sought out college.
Both of them were a part of our November 2020 “Kings and Queens” show. The picture in our show notes is of several audience members attempting to re-create Erin’s epic curtsy after the show. 
The Heartbeat of Georgia is hosted by Koryn Young and Julia Rubens and episodes are produced by Storytellers Macon based off of the limited stage series in partnership with The Grand Opera House.

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