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The Heartbeat of Georgia #8: Beehives and Bullies

It’s hard to exist within the hive. In this episode, we examine the anxieties, concerns, and most of all, affections that come from orbiting around the sun with other people. We have two supreme socialites to share with you today. Artist and optimist Randy Heart is now known as the “Love Man” for his work always radiating light and joy, but this personality was made, not born, after a childhood experience that shook him up. And Sarah Gerwig is a notable attorney and law professor, fearless in the presence of the court. But in the face of sons becoming teens and working to leave the nest, how do her oral arguments stack up?
These storytellers took the stage in a live performance in vibrant downtown Macon, and we’re now bringing the voices out of our busy beehive in Middle Georgia to you all over the globe. An added voice in a segment on stress is Rachel Gerrity, owner of recently-opened Homegrown Yoga in Macon.
The Heartbeat of Georgia is hosted by Koryn Young and Julia Rubens and episodes are produced by Storytellers Macon based off of the limited stage series in partnership with The Grand Opera House.

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