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The Heartbeat of Georgia #9: The Roles We Play

It was Shakespeare who said that all the world’s a stage, but the weird performative nature of our lives feels all the more real in the time of wearing real masks and taking on new roles. In this episode,¬†we discuss performance, both in costume inside the theatre and in real life playing an unexpected role in someone else’s drama. Our featured voices include Southern storyteller and multi-talented creative Elliot James from our “Kings and Queens” live show and Rabbi Larry Schlesinger from our inaugural “Macon Magic” performance.
Woven in between the two of them is JP Haynie of Macon Little Theatre as the theatre is set to re-open for live performances for the first time since COVID-19. Buy tickets now to their upcoming show, Songs for a New World, here.
The Heartbeat of Georgia is hosted by Koryn Young and Julia Rubens and episodes are produced by Storytellers Macon based off of the limited stage series in partnership with The Grand Opera House.

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