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The Heartbeat of Georgia BONUS Episode #6: Chasing the Dream of the Queen

“I’m here, I’m shining, I’m wonderful.” We decided to release a bonus episode to celebrate the last day of Women’s History Month with two stories of women who gained their sense of confidence in very different ways. Brittny Johnson tells a brave story about a traumatic day that digs up the history of the women in her family, and how she decides to break the cycle. Meanwhile, Ansley Booker takes you back to her childhood pageant in Eatonton, GA — and it’s more important for the woman she’s become than you might think.

Ansley took part in our “Kings and Queens” event in November 2020 and Brittny took The Grand stage for “Nefarious” in January 2021. From left to right, the photos shown are Brittny’s vintage family reunion photo as she tells her story and Ansley in her red pageant dress waving for her adoring public after the show.

The Heartbeat of Georgia is hosted by Koryn Young and Julia Rubens and episodes are produced by Storytellers Macon based off of the limited stage series in partnership with The Grand Opera House.

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