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The Heartbeat of Georgia Trailer

There’s a traceable history 17,000 years long that swirls into today’s columned front porches and contradictions, charms and challenges that would take too long to call out in any single story. So. we have a few for you. This show will aim to deconstruct Macon magic through the voices of the people who’ve been here.

Welcome to The Heartbeat of Georgia. This is a storytelling podcast that will weave together the eclectic voices of Middle Georgia to learn a little more about a place that just hits different, the city where soul lives. Through our eyes and ears, you’ll feel the rhythm of all walks of life here. This season explores a deep-seated musical heritage and a newfound downtown scene, giving birth to a person… or an idea, coming out and calling out, front porches and grandmothers’ kitchens, sisterhood and sinister intentions.

The show is hosted by Koryn Young and Julia Rubens and episodes are based off of the limited stage series Storytellers Macon: Live at The Grand Opera House.

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